Geocaching Part 2

You can read about our first geocaching adventure here.

Our next quest took us to the woods on the other side of our subdivision.  This one was listed as an easy quest.  The cache was next to a small pond, which I had never even seen.  Paul, our son, drove us to the pond and looked up the coordinates.

Everyone piled out of the car and started searching.  We entered the woods and searched and searched but we were looking for a small camouflaged tube-a needle in a haystack.

Then Paul found the tube.

  He opened it and recorded our names and the date on the paper inside and  returned it to its hiding place.

It is surprising to think anyone can find the containers when they are so small.  

So our second attempt was a success and now we felt encouraged.  On to the third quest.

This quest took us to the local tennis courts/ball field area.  We piled out of the car and headed around the back of the ball fields.

We headed about 600 feet from the parking lot and began our search.

One side of this area had a deep drop off and Christian was brave enough to go down there a bit and check around.

But it was all to no avail, and once again our quest failed.  So we piled back in the car and headed to the next quest.

This took us to the commercial area in the front of our subdivision.  We were looking for a small tube again someplace around this lightpole.

We searched all the surrounding flower garden-I am glad it was a weekend and the gardener was not there-but we came up empty again.

One of the reasons we were unsuccessful so often is that sometimes people who are not geocachers find the caches and don’t realize what they are.  They may move or take the cache.  Unfortunately this spoils that particular quest.  But we were not totally discouraged, so we persevered.

Read about our next adventure here.


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