Geocaching Part 3

Read about parts 1 here and 2 here.

This quest required us to take a half mile hike into the woods, find the geocache and then hike back.  Everyone brought water and we headed down the trail.

This was a fun hike because it was on a trail and no sticker bushes.  There were a few wet, sloppy areas but it was not bad at all.

The end of our hike led us to this… geocache and Lauren and Caleb found it.

This cache was placed by a family with small children and they had placed some small toys in it.  Lauren took a pencil and left a small toy for the next person to find.  We headed back to the car and on to the next sight.

Our next quest was right off the main road near a small bridge.  We drove to the sight and the more adventurous in our group headed down the very steep incline.

I was not one of the adventurous so I stayed on the bridge and took the photos.

They never could find this cache so we counted it a bust and headed for the next sight, which was the most fun of all!


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