If you have grandchildren you will understand when I say they are our real treasures on earth.  We are blessed with 4 grandchildren and during their recent visit I was able to get some up-to-date photos.

This is our oldest granddaughter, Lydia, who is sweet 16.  Lydia is friendly and outgoing.  She loves the Lord and is striving to grow closer to Him daily.

Christian is 15 years old  and he is such a super, sweet boy.  He is involved in Civil Air Patrol and hopes to become an Air Force Pilot and ultimately join NASA.

Caleb is the life and joy of our family.  He is the sweetest most adorable boy and he is always in the middle of whatever is happening. 

And that brings us to our princess, Lauren.  She is the baby and therefore, slightly spoiled and loved by everyone.

These are the parents of our gorgeous grandchildren, our son, Paul and his wife, Shannon.

I just loved having a chance to visit our family and spending time together.

Me, Christian and Lydia

Thanks so much for letting me share my family with you.  Hope you enjoyed their visit as much as I did.


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