A Change of Pace

Business has been slow so far this year so I decided to use the time to build up my inventory.  In the past few weeks I have made about 10 pioneer outfits.  Now that I have a little inventory built up I am going to take a break from sewing (unless I receive a special order) and do some work around the house.

We have lived in our home for about 12 years and it is starting to show.  About 7 years ago I painted and wallpapered most of the house and it is time to do it again.  The wall paper is starting to tear and droop (I will never put wall paper up again!) and the last time I painted I ignored the inside of the closets.  Of course, that means the closets are still painted with contractor’s paint and are in desperate need of new coat!

So beginning tomorrow I plan on doing some of these much needed repairs.  Sounds like fun, right!  Actually I enjoy doing this and I enjoy my hubby being at work while I am doing it.  So it has become my project.  I think my oldest grandson is coming down in a few weeks to help with the big jobs and I will be very glad for his help.

Tomorrow I begin in the guest room closet.  You know the closet where you shove everything that you don’t need right now.  Everything must come out, shelves will be taken down and then I will paint.  I am thinking of replacing the existing shelves with a closet organizer.  Since this is a fairly small closet I think the organizer will help.

So here is a photo of the project I begin tomorrow!

Back with photos of the completed project in a few days (I hope).


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