The Closet Redone

When I tackled the guest room closet I was not sure exactly where to begin.  It was such a mess.

I knew I had to paint the closet before I could concentrate on organizing it, so I pulled everything out, including the shelves that were screwed into the wall. Starting with it completely empty is much easier than taping the parts I did not want to paint.

I patched a few tiny holes and painted the closet. Then I put the shelves back in place but this time I only installed one lower shelf.  The next step was to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  Then came the organizing.

I had thought I might buy a closet organizer but once I got everything out and took a good look at what I had, I decided to use the same shelves with a few changes.   

I have one granddaughter who still plays with the toys when she is at my home, so I put her toys in a big blue bucket and put it on the floor.  The basket contains her sewing projects.  On the right side you can see a few skirts hanging on the lower shelf.

On top of the middle shelf I put our extra blankets, an air freshener and a bottle of fabric spray.  There is lots of room above this shelf for hanging items.

The top shelf holds our extra pillows which I have put in space bags to keep them clean and to take up less room.  On the left is room for long hanging items like dresses and coats.

It feels so good to have this project finished.  I think the guest bathroom will be next.


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