I Remember

While cleaning the other day I came across a couple of bins with some of the items I have made for my grandchildren over the years. I remember so well when they were young enough to wear these.

I have 2 granddaughters and when they were young I would smock dresses for them. I love smocking but my girls are getting big and I don’t often find patterns for their sizes. It is a craft I hope to pick back up in the future but for now I will enjoy just looking at these gorgeous dresses. (They have been packed away in bins so please excuse the wrinkles.)

These first two are bishop dresses made for the girls when they were very young.

This was a Christmas dress made for my oldest granddaughter.

These next few were church dresses for the girls.

I am sometimes asked why I do not smock and list the items in my store.  It is because smocking is very detailed work and takes quite a long time to do. 

These are some crocheted items I created for them.  This one is the very first thing I made for my first grandchild.  A jacket and bootie set in her mom’s favorite colors, peach and green.

This is a boy’s cap with a peak and a matching blanket.  This was for my first grandson.

This is an adorable yellow dress with variegated yarn as the trim.

This is a hooded sweater with front buttons and trim around the bottom and sleeves.

I still sew for my grandchildren but mostly it is pajamas and skirts or culottes.  I do miss creating all these lovely items for the little ones.


One Response to I Remember

  1. These dresses are adorable! We’ve been talking with our preteen small group (girls) about modesty and I stumbled upon this site. As a mother of a girl (just one for now), I’m glad to see someone with this kind of service!

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