Studio Office Remodel

Our oldest grandson, Christian, 15 years old, has been staying with us this week to help me do some remodeling work around the house.  What a blessing he has been!!

We started with my studio/office.  I knew this would be a big job but I never thought it would take us all week.

We stated by moving everything out of the studio.  Next we had to remove all of the wallpaper.  I am so very thankful that I followed the directions and primed the walls before I put the wallpaper up. 

All we had to do was find a loose spot and pull to remove the top layer then spray with water and the bottom layer came right off. 

 Of course, there were some difficult spots, especially around the caulk but with patience we finally finished.

The walls were now ready to wipe down, fill in holes, and paint.  It took us 2 days to get all the painting done, but it sure looks lighter and brighter in there now.  This is inside the closet, which is lined with bookshelves which will be put to good use as soon as they are good and dry.

Here is the finished product, except for the curtains.  I am going to shorten the curtains for this room, but as long as I have a willing helper I will wait until he goes home.

On the left are all my sewing needs-really condensed down.  The right side contains office supplies and my baking needs.


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