I Love My Glock

One of the hobbies my husband, Larry, and I have started is shooting.  We started off with a couple of 38 caliber revolvers and used those until we discovered the world of Glocks.

Two years ago Larry bought us each a Glock 19 and we fell in love.  These pistols are so easy to shoot, clean and handle that our 38s quickly got set aside.

One thing that is different about shooting a semi-automatic pistol rather than a revolver is the hot lead that gets ejected when you shoot.  When shooting the 38 the hot lead stays in the gun but on the Glocks the hot lead is ejected.  We wear baseball caps when we shoot to protect ourselves from the hot lead.

I have been telling Larry that if he ever found a pink Glock baseball cap, I wanted one.  Like most girls, I love pink!!!  Well, he had to have it special made, but for Christmas I finally got my pink Glock cap!!  And today I finally got to use it for the first time.

We don’t get to go shooting very often but we do really enjoy it.  Since our grandson, Christian, was visiting this weekend we decided to visit the range.  Christian would like to enter the military, possibly the Air Force Academy, in a few years, so target practice is a real boon to him.  A lot of fun was had by all and we were all very satisfied with our performance-no wild shots and very few outside of the center of the target.

We brought both the 38 revolvers and the Glocks to the range and all 3 of us decided to get rid of the 38s and buy a couple more Glocks.  We have definitely been spoiled!  I am thinking of a Glock 26 for my next gun, just what every girl dreams of, I know!


One Response to I Love My Glock

  1. stocktoc says:

    That’s awesome! I also love the way Glocks handle. Smooth machinery. 🙂

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