My Other Job

I do apologize for my lack of posts recently.  I have been very busy working my other job-home repair and maintenance.

I started early this year in the guest room and did a little touch up work.  Then I painted the closet and got that all straightened.  Next I moved into the guest bath and got that room touched up and the closet painted.

At this time our grandson stayed with us for 2 weeks and helped me with a couple of rooms.  We emptied the office and closet and removed wallpaper and repainted the whole room.  Then we moved everything back into place, only we cleared out a lot of junk.  Then we did the same thing in the kitchen.  It was a busy 2 weeks and we appreciate all Christian’s hard work and I really miss him!!

Today I painted the living room.  Whew! what a job!  It is a big room with high ceilings so I had to climb up and down the ladder all day.  My legs hurt and I am soooo tired. 

But the good news is we only have one major room left-the master bedroom and closet.  This room will be hard because both my hubby and myself like to read.  We collect books and they have accumulated all over our bedroom.  We also need to get rid of clothes we no longer wear and all sorts of things that have a way of appearing in a home.  This will be my project for next week and it will probably take most of the week to complete.

So please be patient as I try to complete my other job.


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