Hard Work

The last few weeks have been extremely hard around here.  I am continuing the project of getting the inside of the house painted.  Since my grandson has returned home I have been doing most of the work.  My hubby helps me at night to move furniture and get set up for the next day but then he has to go to work and I do the painting.

Last week I finished painting the living room and I thought that would be the biggest mess but I was wrong.  Right now I sit in one of the few seats available in our home.  Today I painted our bedroom.  That means last night we moved everything from our bedroom into the living room.  So our living and dining rooms are a total disaster. 

Walking in the house must be done in single file, there are only 2 available seats and there are piles of books and funiture all around us.  I am really hoping to get the bedroom put back together tomorrow and get our home back to some semblance of order.

Once that is complete I will only have the master bedroom closet left to do.  It is a walk-in closet which has accumulated tons of stuff over the years so it will be a major job but the good news is once it is done, all the painting will be complete!

I can’t wait.  Needless to say I am very tired of painting and moving and cleaning.  I can’t wait to enjoy my nice clean, freshly painted home-hopefully in one week!


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