The Beach

A couple weeks ago my grandson was visiting to help me with some work around the house.  We took the last day he was with us off from all the hard work and had some fun. 

We decided to do our morning devotions at the beach.  It was a cold, windy day so we stayed in the car.  The seagulls were all over the parking lot and we tried hard to get photos but they would not sit still long enough.

After our Bible study we took a very short walk-it was very cold!!  We found a brown pelican sitting on a post by the water.  We could not get close enough for a good photo but this is a pelican.

This is a photo of the obstacles keeping us from the pelican.  There was also an open culvert blocking the path and it was too cold to walk the other way.

This was a relaxing way to start our day.  We enjoyed our devotions and our time freezing on the beach but were sure glad to get in the warmth of the car.

From the beach we headed to a NASA site.  I will be back with pictures of our NASA adventure soon.


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