NASA Stennisphere

Christian, our oldest grandson, and I headed for a day at the NASA site in south Mississippi, Stennis Space Center.  Stennis is the largest rocket engine test site in the country.  All engines used in the space shuttle are tested at this location. 

This is where the tour starts.  Before 9/11 we were allowed to drive onto the base but now the tour starts at the Mississippi Welcome Station and a shuttle bus takes visitors to the site.

This is one of the engines tested at Stennis.

This is a space shuttle engine.

We went around to the various displays. 

Christian had his photo taken in a space suit that astronauts wear.

This mural depicts a partial history of NASA.  The other walls are covered with the entire history of our space exploration.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an office at Stennis.  This office monitors weather conditions in the local area and across the globe.

This is a NOAA buoy.

This is a display of an environmental lab also located at the Stennis site.

Christian is trying to land the space shuttle, but, alas, he was not successful. 

It is hard to see but there is a tiny piece of moon rock in this diamond shaped crystal.

This is the actual test site for the rocket engines.  When we first moved to this area we could just barely hear when they were testing the engines but for some reason we no longer can hear the test.

This is a scale model of the space shuttle.

Christian has had the opportunity to visit NASA sites at both Houston and Kennedy Space Center in Florida so he was a little disappointed with Stennis but we still enjoyed the trip and our time together.


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