Business is picking up

If you read my blog you will know that I have taken a break from sewing to get the house painted and otherwise cleaned-up.  Last week I was contacted about an outfit for a school program the end of this month.  I thought it was probably time to get back to work on my real job, so this week I have been sewing again.

This customer was not particular about the fabric but she did like blue and yellow and she did not want a white pinafore.  I went searching and found several possibilities for her.

This one had medium sized flowers in blue, yellow and white and for the pinafore-blue with yellow dots.

The next one features slightly smaller flowers and for the pinafore a yellow with blue dots.

The third choice was a white with much smaller flowers and the pinafore of a yellow with yellow birds and butterflies.

For her 4th choice I offered the same dress fabric but a slightly muted yellow for the pinafore.

I also offered her this lavender and purple which is one of my most popular choices.

My customer selected number 3; small white, blue and yellow flowers with the yellow pinafore with birds and butterflies because her daughter loves animals.

This outfit really came out nice.

Tomorrow this outfit will be on its way to California just in time for this special girl’s book report day.


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