Busy, Busy, Busy

I really apologize to my faithful readers for not posting over the weekend.  We were so busy.

We have been trying to get our yard cleaned up and ready for Spring.  Last week we planted a few flowers and our first tomato plants.  We are using the raised beds we put in last year.  These things are so great.  I just turned the soil mix over a little, it is still light and soft so this was easy, then we planted the tomatoes.

We bought petunias, dianthus and marigolds and put most of those in pots.  We did put a few marigolds in between the tomatoes to keep the bugs away. 

This weekend we planted peppers, more tomatoes and spices.  We have oregano, rosemary, basil and mint which we planted in pots.

Then over the weekend the cold weather moved in.  We were really concerned about our babies but it looks like everything survived.  It only got down to 37 degrees which is not cold enough to freeze the plants but it will slow everything for a couple of weeks.

We still have lettuce and broccoli left over from our Fall garden and they are still producing.  The leaves of the lettuce are so sweet and tender that they make a yummy salad.

Our next project will be to raise the top on the last 2 raised beds.  When we first put these beds in we thought putting the green, plastic fencing across the top (to keep animals out of the garden) would be a good idea.  It does work great for keeping the animals out but the plants do not fit through the openings so we have to prop the top up with some bricks. 

Our next project is to raise the top on the these first 2 beds and I can’t wait!!  It will be so much easier getting the garden duties done when there is room to work.


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