Recycled and Renewed Recipe

A few days ago I posted a recipe using bok-choy from our garden.  This week I decided to use the same recipe with a few changes.

I used broccoli instead of bok-choy, peanuts instead of cashews and pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds.  It turned out every bit as good as the bok-choy salad. 

The next day I pulled a small piece of steak out of the freezer and decided to fix a stir-fry.  I used the steak, garlic, celery, a sweet bell pepper, some carrots and the leftover broccoli salad.  I used the leftover dressing from the salad (diluted with a little broth) for the sauce.

This was so absolutely fantastic.  It isn’t often that I can throw together a little of this and a little of that and use up the leftovers and have the meal turn out so great.  What a great way to recycle leftovers!


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