Solar Cooking Once Again

This past Saturday we had a lot of work to do in the yard so I decided to use our solar oven again.  I wanted to try making hamburgers but I could not find any instructions for doing this, so I decided to improvise.

I needed something to use as a grill that would fit on top of one of my black, enamel pots (these pots work best in the solar oven).  After looking around the kitchen I found a cake cooling rack and place it over the pot and put the raw burgers on it.  I thought this might work.

I put the cover over hamburgers to help retain the heat inside the pot.  I closed the oven and waited to see if my “witty invention” would work.

The condensation on the glass cover of the oven assured me that our hamburgers were cooking.

It was not a very sunny day so it took a couple of hours for the hamburgers to cook but by lunch they were done.  We sat down to a great lunch of hamburgers, carrots, and celery with peanut butter. 

We are really enjoying our solar oven and in a just a few weeks it will be hot enough to use it all the time.  This was a great investment for our family.


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