Our Garden

I thought I would take you for a walk around our garden for the next couple of days.  So far everything is doing fantastic. 

We have 4 raised beds that are 4 ft by4 ft.  We put a cover over them and fencing around them to keep animals out.

This bed has one head of broccoli left over from the fall garden and the rest is planted in peanuts, which are just starting to sprout.

This bed has green peppers and lettuce.

These were the first tomatoes we planted this year (in the back) and a few younger ones in the front-also some marigolds to help attract bees.

This is our newest bed and it is full of more tomatoes.

We had tons of flower pots left over so we decided to use our extra seeds and fill them.  Tiny radishes just beginning to sprout in this pot.

Lots of flowers, petunias and impatiens, and a few volunteer tomatoes.  These are called volunteer because we did not plant them, they just sprouted.

Peppers and parsley in the center of the yard.

Peas planted in pots.  We had to put a fence around them to keep the animals out.  The animals seem to prefer certain plants.  They have not bothered any of the peppers or flowers but really dug up the peas and beans.

Narcissus in window boxes around the patio.

Lots of little marigolds, hoping they bloom to attract the bees.

Impatiens and diathus add a bit of color to the yard.

My favorite grouping contains some herbs and some flowers.  Notice the chocolate mint plant-it smells just like chocolate mint and really flavors coffee or tea.  Yumm!!

More tomatoes.

Geraniums in the front yard add a splash of color.

More impatiens, dianthus and volunteer tomatoes.

Cucumbers coming up nicely.

That is about half of our garden.  I will post the remaining pictures in the next few days.  Thanks for looking around and I can’t wait for the veggies to start developing!


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