Our Garden Part 2

Here are the rest of the photos from our garden, which is still doing great.  After our experience last year with verticulum wilt we cautiously go out daily to check everything.  So far, so good!!

This grouping contains cucumbers, squash, eggplant, radishes, herbs in the terrarium and on the ground; marigolds, marjoram and lavender.

Beans on the right and squash on the left.

We also have a couple of barrels which we put to good use. Carrots in the back yard.

Zinnias in the front yard.

Sunflowers were planted in the ground.

You can almost watch these guys grow they are coming up so quickly.

Potatoes are planted in these but they have not come up yet.

We had a couple of things that survived the winter and are trying hard to come back. This is mint and it is doing great this year.

This poor guy only has a few little sprouts. We may need to buy more blueberry bushes.

This blueberry bush is really starting to sprout.

And no southern garden would be complete without a few azaleas.

These bushes come in all shades of pink and white and are absolutely beautiful when in full bloom.


Thanks for visiting our garden. I will be back with updates as the season progresses, for now we are anxiously awaiting our first tomato!


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