A May Day Program

St. John’s Day School in Laurel, MS is planning a May Day program.  Each grade performs different songs and wears
costumes to match.  One of the classes contacted me about outfits for the 9 girls in the class. 

The parent in charge thought it would be cute if she selected 3 different pink fabrics and I created dresses for 3 of the girls out if each fabric.  She selected these three fabrics:

My studio has been covered in pink for the last week while working on these outfits.

The hardest part was keeping the pieces for each child’s outfit (cut out according to their specific measurements) together and not mixed up with the others. 

Notice the marker on the fabric piece.  Every piece for child number 1’s outfit has a marker like this attached.  Child number 2 would have a different marker, and so on.

The first 5 outfits are finished and ready to be washed and ironed.

I finally completed all 9 outfits.  They are washed, ironed and ready to be delivered this weekend.

Hoping the May Day program is a huge success.  Break a leg, girls!


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