One Clutter Free Home

It has taken us 4 months but we have finally finished de-cluttering our home. 

This is the living room as seen from the front door.

A small working desk and the TV cabinet on the opposite living room wall.

The wreath is a work in progress.  Neither of us is real pleased with the finished product but we haven’t quite decided how to fix it yet.

Our bookcases look so different with so few books.  It was a hard decision sorting through our books but the finished results was definitely worth it.

Jars of whole grains replace cookbooks that I did not use very often.  So far I haven’t missed any of those cookbooks and I have enjoyed having the grains handy.

I love our chicken!  We found this metal-work chicken at Hobby Lobby and I fell in love with it.  The eggs are left-overs we found on the after Easter clearance.

The guest room-flowers and yellow!  This room is so relaxing.

These bookcases are in the master bedroom and previously were filled to overflowing with assorted books, photos, notebooks and miscellaneous items.  Now they are nice and tidy.

The other side of the master bedroom.  The cabinet on the right holds a desktop computer and all the routers, modems and emergency power supply-a good place to hide it all.

My husband mounted this wall unit in the master bedroom closet.  This has come in so handy, I wish we had done it years ago.

The master bath has a new mirror and flower arrangement.

Even the Jacuzzi was spruced up.

Clean countertops, oh, how I love them.  I only wish I could get rid of more of the clutter. 

Do you notice the large ceramic honey pot?  That is for compost.  Isn’t it cute?

There is always one room that refuses to be de-cluttered and this is ours (or should  say, mine).  This is my studio and it really is a lot neater than it was but a working office refuses to look neat.

I hope you enjoyed visiting our decluttered home.  Maybe it will encourage you to tackle your clutter!


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