Canning Butter

A few weeks ago I read a blog about canning butter using the solar oven.  It sounded so easy I wasn’t sure it would work but when a local store put butter on sale for $1.39 a pound I decided to try it.

I sterilized a dozen half pint jars and 12 marbles.   The butter was cut into pats and about a half pound of butter was put in each jar.  I  really had to push down to get the butter in the jar and then I added a marble and screwed the tops on tightly.   The marble will come in handy during the cool down period.

I set up the solar oven and put all 12 jars inside. 

Now it was the sun’s turn to work.  Once the oven reached 200 degrees, I left the jars in the oven for about an hour.  This is hot enough and long enough to kill any germs and to seal the lids.

The jars were very hot when I took them out and brought them into the house.  For 30 minutes the jars cooled on the counter and every 10 minutes I shook them.  This is where the marble came in handy.  It works like a stirrer to help mix the butter.  After 30 minutes I put the jars in the refrigerator and continued to shake every 10 minutes for 30 more minutes.

As I was shaking, and the butter was cooling, I noticed the separation took longer and longer to happen.  I knew I was successful when there was no more separation.

Here are my jars of butter, tightly sealed and ready to be stored.

The butter will keep 3-5 years with no refrigeration when prepared like this.  I am so excited that this project worked because it was a really easy way to take advantage of a good sale and not have the food go bad.


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