A Trip Down Highway 22

We have been working so hard every weekend trying to get our house decluttered and the garden going that we decided to take this weekend off.  We took a drive down highway 22 in south Louisiana.

This highway is one of the scenic treasures of south Louisiana.  The road is tree shaded and filled with sights to behold.

You might see such sights as these folks having fun on the waterways right beside these new condos.

Or perhaps someone relaxing outside this humble abode.

The Tickfaw River runs beside the road at some of the many bends and turns and many people have built homes right on the river.

Here is a view down the river that shows the boat docks and piers beside the many homes.

This small highway is full of little country churches like this one.

Beautiful homes like these…

residing next to abandoned trailers or homes.

We drove past sailboats…

piers full of people enjoying the beautiful weather…

a few swampy areas…

beautiful moss covered oak trees…

and even this fellow trying to make it across the road.

We had a lovely time just enjoying God’s creation.  I hope you enjoyed traveling with us.


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