How Disappointing

I had my regular dental checkup last week.  You might remember how wonderful my dentist is since I wrote about it last year.  New readers can see the article here.  There was a little problem and she referred me to a local endodontist.

I was so disappointed when I went for my first appointment.  No reduced lighting, no personal TV, no back massager, no soft music, and no hand massage.   I felt like I was traveling back in time.

The office was an old house converted into a dentist office.  No crisp, clean, modern office tastefully decorated.  I had forgotten what other dentists were like.

My regular dentist does everything digitally, so when she takes xrays I get to see them on the tv/computer screen.  The endodontist uses the old fashioned xray machine and the arm kept slipping (because it was just greased) so I had to hold it in place while the nurse took the photo.

I have to admit that looks were deceiving.  The endodontist did a great job.  He was very gentle and the surgery went very well.

I came home to recover and that is when I made my mistake.  Once the numbness started wearing off, I took a pain pill.  Oh my gosh!  I was dizzy, my speech was slurred, I got very sleepy, and then the nausea started.  Needless to say I had a very rough night and I can guarantee I will not be taking any more of those pills unless I am in serious pain!

I did miss my dentist and all the modern ammenities she has but I do have to admit the endodontist she referred was excellent.  Now if my mouth will heal quickly and I don’t have to take any more pain pills I will be very happy.


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