Consumer Sovereignty

Do you practice consumer sovereignty?  I do and will continue to do so. 

As prices rise, and salaries don’t, every dollar spent becomes more important to a family’s finances.  Therefore, I refuse to shop with vendors who do not treat me the way a valued customer should be treated.

Some of my consumer sovereignty rules:  I do not shop at any store that has a sign saying. “You break it, you buy it.”  To my way of thinking, breakage is a part of the cost of doing business-and the IRS agrees since they give businesses a deduction for these losses.  Therefore, when I see this sign I turn around and leave the store.

I try hard not to shop at Walmart.  They do not carry a good selection (unless you want Great Value brands), they never have help available and the parking is awful.  I like having a variety of local and national stores from which to choose.  The competition keeps the great sales coming.  One other reason to avoid Walmart is that the majority of the items they sell are from China.  It is impossible to completely avoid this store but I have cut down on my trips to Wally World greatly!!

Another company I boycott is Office Max.  I went to the register with a sale item and when it was rung up the price was incorrect.  I told the cashier and showed her the sale paper.  So she, first, saw the sale paper.   Second, went to find the item on the shelf to see if it was marked at the sale price.  Third, called a manager and showed him the sale paper.  Fourth, he went to check the item on the shelf.  Meanwhile, I am waiting at the register.  I do not think a customer should be doubted to the point that it takes 4 followups before the advertised sale is honored.  So this is another merchant I choose not to visit.

I do not shop at stores that refuse returns.  If they are not willing to stand behind their products, why should I be willing to try them.  There are many times when you don’t realize an item is not correct until you get it home and discover the color is wrong or a skirt does not look as good as you thought it would with that pink blouse.  As long as the item is in good condition and can be resold, the store should be willing to take it back.

The most difficult merchants are the online stores because you have no idea of their reputation.  This is where feedback from other satisfied customers come in handy.  I try to pass on vendors who are reliable and who have products that are of a good quality.  These are some of my favorite vendors for kitchen items-The Prepared Pantry and  Marmee Dear.  This is a great site for sewing info, help and patterns-Sew With Sarah.  Sarah is super nice and helpful.  So if you find a great online vendor, please be sure to share with us.

I may be a picky consumer but my money is worth something to me and I refuse to shop at places that do not treat me as a valuable customer.  Keep in mind that I am also speaking as a small business owner who stands behind everything I sell.  My customers are precious to me and I feel I shoud be just as important to the businesses I support.


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