Fun Weekend

We took a quick trip up to South Carolina this weekend to see our grandkids play baseball (more about that in another post).  While we  were gone one of our neighbors took care of our garden and harvested whatever she could use.

We were a little concerned about how our garden would fare without us watching over it.  It has been so very hot down here that already the tomatoes and cucumbers are struggling to survive.  And lately we have been having really heavy afternoon rain showers.  Neither tomatoes nor peppers like the heat or the overabundance of rain so we have been trying to baby them along.

It looks like we lost a couple of tomato plants and about 4 small tomatoes.  Not sure exactly what caused the problem because the plant just looks like it softened completely up and died and the 4 tomatoes were lying on the ground.  We have never seen this happen before and since we were not here we aren’t exactly sure what happened.

The rest of the garden is doing well; yellow squash and zucchini still have quite a few small fruits, still a lot of small peppers and cucumbers and lots of carrots and tomatoes.  We are still waiting on beans and potatoes to produce something-should not be too long now!

This is what we harvested tonight when we got home.

I was too tired to cook tonight, and my sweet hubby took me out for dinner, so this will be used for dinner tomorrow!  After several years of struggling with our garden it sure is nice to be able to reap some of our very own veggies.


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