Baseball In South Carolina

Our trip this past weekend to South Carolina was for the express purpose of watching our grandchildren play baseball.  Three of our grandchildren play in a Christian baseball league and we always enjoy getting to watch them.  All of their teams did not win but all of the children did a great job.

Lydia is the oldest, 16, and she plays softball.  Here she is getting ready to bat.

She gets a good hit and takes off.

And she made it to first base.

The girls played well and were winning by 8 runs at one point but they could not hold on to the lead.  Sorry ladies maybe next time!

Christian, 15, plays with the seniors.  He is getting to be quite a good ball player.

He got a hit and made it to first base.

And he is hit home to score a run.

Unfortunately Christian’s team did not win either.  The boys played well and we were sorry to see them lose.

The youngest ball player was the most surprising.  Caleb is 12 and he has not been having a very good season this year but he did a great job while we were there.

He proved to have a very good eye and ducked just in time for the ball to miss him.

Caleb hit a couple of doubles and was very proud.  This time at bat he hit a single and is getting a high five from one of the coaches.

Sliding home to score the run.

He even had a chance to pitch.

Caleb’s team won their game and they were very excited.  We were so glad that we got to see him do so well.

This is the youngest, Lauren, 10, and she cannot be bothered with playing baseball.  She enjoys going to the games so she can play with her friends but she did take time out for a photo with her granddaddy.

We sure had a good time visiting and watching all the games.  But the best happened tonight, Caleb called to let us know he hit a grand slam in his game.  Wish we could have seen that but we are just as proud of him as if we had been there!

Congratulations to all of the ball players for trying so hard and doing their best!


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