A New Addition

Coming Soon to Patti’s Originals our newest addition-Prayer Shawls.  Prayer Shawls or Comfort Shawls, as some call them, begin in the heart of the creator.  Each shawl is created with a prayer for the user.  These shawls are then sent to the recipient with a prayer that their needs, concerns, challenges or trials will be blessed.

I have been working on creating a variety of shawls that range in styles and uses.  These shawls would make a great gift for anyone.  They will range in color, size and style, so there will be something available for everyone.

Some of the shawls will have a dual use, such as; a shawl for an expectant mom that becomes a blanket for the new baby or a shawl that can also be used as a lap rug.  I am hoping to include a few capelets which are great for sitting around the house on cool winter evenings. 

For those who plan ahead, I will also take special orders so the shawl can be created in your choice of colors.  These shawls take lots of time to create so be sure to order early.

I am very excited about this new addition and look forward to creating more prayer shawls to keep the variety interesting.  Stay tuned as I will be posting photos of the completed products soon.


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