My Mother’s Day Gift

I haven’t had a chance to post about my fantastic Mother’s Day gift yet so today I am finally getting around to it.  I have been wanting a new mixer-a heavy duty mixer for kneading bread.  The problem is that my old (over 20 years old) mixer still worked great, it even kneaded small batches of dough.  It is so hard to justify spending money on something I really don’t need but just want.

My dear hubby knew I wanted this and for Mother’s Day he bought me a Bosch Mixer.  I cannot say enough how much I love it.

The mixer has a unique design where the beaters or dough hook sit inside of the bowl.  As much as I like to keep my counter clean of clutter, I really do not mind having this sitting out.

Of course, I had to try it out right away and made some bread and baguettes.

Breadmaking is so quick and easy with this mixer I just love it and always look forward to baking day!


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