Cafe Au’Lait and Beignets

I have a lot of friends who live out of town who will be sooooo jealous when they read this entry.

We recently had to take our car into the shop in Metairie, La.  Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans and they just happen to have a branch of the world famous Cafe du Monde restaurant, and this restaurant just happens to be about a mile from the car repair shop.  My brilliant husband said since we were in town anyway it only made sense for us to visit Cafe du Monde.

For those who don’t know, Cafe du Monde is famous for 2 things-cafe au’lait and beignets.  Cafe au’lait is half milk and half strong, New Orleans coffee.  I normally drink my coffee black but even I love this stuff!  Beignets are little donuts very similar to sopapillas but they are covered with powdered sugar-absolutely wonderful!!!

Cafe du Monde is definitely  not  a fancy place.  You order at one end of the counter and pick up your food and pay at the other end.

There are lots of tables so you just pick one and sit down to enjoy.

If we had been in New Orleans instead of the suburbs we would have visited the original Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter and eaten our begneits outside on the patio.  Since it was a very hot day I am sure glad we opted for the air conditioned seating instead!  If you ever get a chance to visit New Orleans be sure to make Cafe du Monde a stop on your trip.


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