Getting Ready for Fall

The heat index around here has been well over 100 most days so it is very hard to start thinking about Autumn and our Fall garden, but planning must start early!

As our summer garden dies off we are clearing up and cleaning out the beds getting ready for the next planting.  This was the first bed we got ready.

All the dead plants have been removed, the ground turned over, fertilizer has been added along with some fresh dirt.  Now we let the bed rest a few days and it will be time to plant onions and carrots.

We also prepared the area for our pumpkin patch and the first few little plants have already pushed through the dirt.

It won’t be long before our entire summer garden will be ready to be put to rest but we are trying to get as much produce as we can from it  until we give up. 

The herbs really do not like all the heat of our middays but they are hanging in there.

A few veggies are still around.  The tomatoes are dying quickly and we are hoping the green tomatoes ripen before the plants completely die.  The peppers and cucumbers are still producing and the sweet potatoes are not ready to be dug up yet.

So as we begin preparing for fall we are hanging on to the summer garden for as long as we can.


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