At the Beach

Sometimes in the morning I go sit at the beach to do my Bible study.  Since the oil spill happened I am never sure what I will find when I am there.

Last week I drove up to find the Gulf is closed to boaters.  The police had set up barricades so the boat launches could not be used.

They also posted signs letting boaters know which portions of the Gulf were open and which were closed.

Experiencing all the developments that occur because of the spill can be very disheartening.  It can be difficult to feel any hope of things ever returning to normal, so it made me feel good to see the seagulls still enjoying themselves.

They were all over the parking lot, which is normal, and I could not see any signs of oil on them, for which I was very thankful.  As I was sitting in my vehicle just enjoying the peace and quiet (except for the squawking seagulls), this little fellow stopped by for a visit.

Yes, he is sitting on the hood of my car and he has no intention of leaving.

The seagull stayed on my hood for about 10 minutes and, yes, I did have to wash the car when I got home!  Washing the car is a small price to pay to see a tiny bit of normalcy on the Gulf!


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