Tomato Sauce

Our garden produced quite a few tomatoes this summer but not enough to make tomato sauce for use later in the year.  We decided to visit a local Farmer’s Market and see if we could get a good deal on tomatoes.  We found enough tomatoes for a small batch of sauce.

So I pulled out the jars and got them all washed and ready to go.

The next step was to get all the seasonings prepared.  Onions, onions, onions and fresh herbs from our garden.

I put the jars in the canner and let them start heating.

Then I started quartering and cooking tomatoes…and I quartered and I cooked and my arm was tired but I hung in there and stirred and stirred.  The tomato mixture finally started to thicken.  This took about 2 hours altogether.

Now I was about half finished.  The next step was to pour the tomato mixture through the strainer. 

 This separates the seeds and peels from the sauce.

Using the red plunger I continued to pour the mixture through the strainer.

After all the mixture goes through the strainer the sauce is returned to the stove to heat it all the way through.

Next comes the filling of the jars, returning the filled jars to the canner and letting them boil for about 35 minutes.  Once they are finished cooking the jars are removed and set aside to cool for about a day.

It took all day to make these few jars of tomato sauce.  Next time I decide to do this I will be sure I have enough tomatoes so I get at least a dozen jars of sauce.  This was way too much work for 5 jars, however, we will certainly enjoy them.


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