Last week was a very busy week around our house.  Our son and his family came to town to pick up books for school for next year.  They have four children and homeschool all of them, so buying books is expensive and hectic.

Our family arrived about 2:30 Wednesday morning.  Hugs and kisses were given all around and then everyone went to bed.  Everyone relaxed that afternoon and some friends dropped by later in the day.  A fun time was had by all.

The next day started our whirlwind traveling to scout out the best prices for books.  There is a second hand homeschool bookstore in Louisiana, about a half hour from our home and we headed there Thursday.  We found a few books but not as many as we had hoped.  We salvaged the day by traveling into Metairie to visit Cafe du’Monde for beignets and cafe au lait.  YUMMY!! 

Friday we headed to another second hand homeschool bookstore in Florida.  This one is about 2 hours from our home but they usually have a pretty good selection.  We were not disappointed, they found quite a few of the books they needed and will only have to order a few new ones.

Saturday morning we headed to downtown Bay St. Louis for breakfast.  There  is a really cute little restaurant down there called The Buttercup Cafe.  We have been to this restaurant several times and am always very pleased with the food and service.

After breakfast the girls took a walk on the beach and the guys headed home to start packing.  Their family left about 2 PM and headed to South Carolina. 

We had a nice visit but unfortunately they had to leave way too soon.  Looking forward to our next chance to get together in a few months.


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