Sewing Lessons

A few weeks ago a friend from church asked  me to consider giving 2 of her daughters sewing lessons.  I thought it would be an interesting ministry and a challenge.  I love the thought of sewing, which is becoming a dying art, being passed on to future generations.  I wish my granddaughters lived close enough to join us!

Here are my 2 budding seamstresses:


and Emma

I was looking around for an appropriate pattern and found this, a learn to sew pattern for ‘tweens!  Perfect for our needs.

These girls had only had very basic sewing experience previously so this pattern was a great place to start.  For their first project I read the instructions and explained to them what to do.

The girls cut out their respective pattern pieces and proceeded to get to work.

I had each girl straighten her fabric and lay out the pattern.  Then they cut out the fabric.  I offered them the rotary cutter but they preferred the scissors.

They worked very diligently and listened attentively to all my instructions.

Mia was not accustomed to ironing so I ironed for her but Emma did her own.

The girls were very excited with the finished products and so was their teacher!

Mia had selected a longer, straighter skirt and it fit perfectly.

Emma’s skirt was a little fuller but she wanted it long also.

The girls are now working on purses to match their skirts.  We are planning on completing the purses next week and then they will make another skirt using the same pattern but they will have to read the instructions themselves.  This will help them to be able to pick up any pattern and create!


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