Next Adventure

We have decided to do something we haven’t done in decades-go camping.  My hubby has some vacation time coming so we thought we would take next week off and go on a trip.  This trip will be divided between camping, hotels and staying with family-if all goes as planned.

In anticipation of our adventure we had to purchase a new tent.  The tent we used years ago is long gone and we wanted something a little bigger.

This tent is 10 feet by 10 feet and 7 feet tall.  We set it up in our dining room so we could be sure we had all the pieces and so we could practice putting it up.

The inflatable mattress is queen size and it will do for this trip but if we decide to do this again we hope to buy sleeping cots.

This will be quite an adventure for these 2 old people but we are always for a new challenge.  I will be gone for the next week and hope to return with lots of pictures and stories to tell.


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