Busy Week

I am a housewife with a sewing business on the side.  I stay home most of the time and care for our home and gardens.  I don’t really enjoy running around, shopping and leaving my home.  I am perfectly content to stay home and ‘keep the homefires burning’.

With this in mind you will understand how overwhelmed I was a few weeks ago when it seemed my whole world was spinning with activity.

It started with a broken tooth that required an early Monday morning dentist appointment.  Then my husband wanted me to get the tires checked and rotated.  The tire shop was short handed that day so it took over 3 hours.  Monday night I was glad to get home.

Tuesday I started giving sewing lessons to a couple of young girls from our church.  That was fun but it was a busy time.  Then laundry and housework for the afternoon.  We were supposed to go to a dinner for my husband’s company Tuesday night but he got called to jury duty that day and did not feel like going, so we had pizza instead.

Wednesday is our ladies’ Bible study.  I love these meetings, but this week it took a lot to calm me down so I would benefit from the meeting.

Thursday was the day we started gathering all our supplies for the upcoming camping trip.  Our dining room looked like a wilderness store but we finally got everything ready.

Friday I had to take the car to the shop for some last minute details before we headed out on our vaction. 

Whew! I am really ready for that vacation now!


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