Vacation (part 1)

If there was ever any doubt that my Husband and I are NUTS it’s our decision to going camping. I first must confess that my idea of roughin’ it is staying at a hotel with no room service. That being said, our recent trip to the Smokey Mountains was a great success.

Early Saturday morning we left home with the car stuffed to the gills with various pieces of equipment setting out on our newest adventure – for 10 hours we traveled to reach our first destination – Knoxville, TN.

The first night we played it safe and stayed in a hotel (no room service – I think my husband did this to me on purpose to see if I would survive).  We decided to stay in a hotel since we planned on visiting a local family integrated church the next day.

On Sunday morning we packed up and left the hotel behind and visited Basswood Church where we meet a wonderful family who took us under their wing and adopted us for the day.

For those of you not familiar with family integrated churches there are a few differences – the biggest being the absence of a NURSERY and no Sunday School! Yes, children of ALL ages sit with their parents and actually attend church with their parents. The 2nd biggest difference is that most family integrated churches will have a fellowship meal after services.

The message was from Romans, as the church is currently going through this text expositionally. My husband commented that he couldn’t beleive the Pastor went through an entire chapter in one Sunday – our pastor usually manages to do 3 verses a week.

The message, the food and the fellowship were all supurb and we reluctantly left at about 2pm to head for our first night of “real” camping in Elkmont, Tn.

We found navigating extremely difficult in Knoxville because the road signs did not use the same street names as our map.  Coming across signs like this did not help.  How can  you go north and south at the same time?

Despite the navigating difficulties we finally made it to Elkmont and began our camping adventure!


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