Crossing Over the Mountains (vacation part 3)

Our first day of exploring in the Smokies was beautiful.  This was our first view of the mountains.

There is only one road that crosses from the Tennessee side of the Mountains to the North Carolina side, and it is truly a twisty curvy road.  Lots of  90 degree turns and it is only a 2 lane road.

This was a new road sign to me and we came upon rather quickly and I couldn’t get a photo since there was no place to stop so I borrowed this one.  The road actually makes a 360 degree turn.  Wow! good thing neither of us gets car sick.

About halfway up the mountain is the Tennessee-North Carolina state line.

A blue haze covers the mountains in the distance and it is truly a beautiful sight.

The road continued on curving up the mountain.

We went through several of these tunnels on the way to the top.

Continuing up the mountain is the highest point, Clingman’s Dome. 

You can see from the photo how the people in front of us are struggling going uphill.  Unfortunately we did not make it to the top-our legs just would not go all the way.  I understand from those heading back down that we made it about two-thirds of the way to the top.

We were thankful for the beautiful scenery along the way and the benches to rest upon.

 Back in the car and heading down the North Carolina side.

Our second night of camping was spent at Deep Creek, NC.  Still lots of warnings about black bears all over the place, but we were tired and slept very soundly!


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