Table Rock (vacation part 5)

After a good night of sleep in Deep Creek, NC we headed down the mountains.  We have visited North Carolina many times and one thing that seems to be consistent in all of the western part of the state is that they love twisting, winding, mountain roads.  They don’t have any issues with people using their cell phones while driving because it is impossible to take a hand off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road long enough to push the buttons.

These signs are everywhere.

And the road look like this or worse.  Of course, there is often a sheer drop off on the passenger side-not very comforting for people not use to mountain driving.

We headed to Table Rock State Park in South Carolina.  This would be our third and last night of camping.  We were concerned it might be too warm but were pleased when the weather turned cool once the sun set.

This is a beautiful lake at the ranger station for the park.

I thought these plants looked really pretty.  The berries are called American Beauty Berries.  When I got home I found the same or very similar berries on my Lantana plant.

Table Rock was a nice campground with lots of nice wooded areas.

But it is aptly named.  There are lots of large rocks, boulders and sides of mountains and the ground is rock hard.  We bent several of our tent stakes.

Another good night of sleep and the next day we spent exploring the upstate South Carolina area.


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