Oh Dear, the Deer are Back

Those cute little Bambi critters, so sweet to watch, and a terror in the garden.  Once again we have been invaded.

These footprints were found on the side of our home.

They did quite a number on the leaves of our plants.  Looks like they really like Swiss Chard, just for the record, we like this veggie also!!  They sure didn’t leave much behind.

They also sampled the tops of our green pepper plants.  It is hard to see, but the tops of these plants are gone!

Now, squash leaves seem to be more to their liking. I am glad to say these were young plants so they have lots of time to recover.

But it looks like their favorite is flowers.  These are Impatiens which were full of leaves and blossoms.

We spent last night installing a temporary fence (until the weather cools and we can install a permanent one).  Hopefully Bambi will go someplace else for dinner tonight!


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