A Sign of the Times

I think everyone can identify with my current situation, if not now-at least at some point in there lives. Too busy to think straight!

Last month was so busy creating pioneer and Pebble’s outfits that I just did not have time to do any posting.  Things have truly been hectic around here, but the extra business was a real blessing.  My husband got laid off about the time my business picked up so we viewed the extra business as an answer to prayer.

The business has slowed down again, for awhile, and now we are trying to organize our home.  Again!!  Our house has been on the market for the last six months and we have had things packed away and in a storage unit.  The house did not sell and now we are bringing everything back home.  This has been quite a job and we hope to finish this week.

We are heading to South Carolina for our granddaughter’s birthday this weekend and are looking forward to a much needed rest.  Since hubby is not working we can relax and take our time getting home.

I am hoping to return to the blogging world when we get back from our trip.  I have so much to share, making blueberry syrup, jam and butter-using my new dehydrator-creating new outfits for American Girl dolls and so much more.  Hope to see you soon!!


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