Friends Bearing Gifts

Many years ago we belonged to a church that a young, newlywed couple joined.  This couple, Cliff and Tammy, soon became anchor members of the church and have weathered many church trials with us.  We watched this young couple grow in the Lord and watched as their family was blessed with 3 sweet children. 

About 4 years ago Cliff and Tammy moved about 5 hours from here.  It was a bittersweet parting.  They were returning to their hometown to be near parents with health issues but we all knew we would miss each other.

Tammy and I have lots in common, besides church.  We are both avid crafters and love to sew, knit, crochet, etc.  The last time they visited they brought us this absolutely beautiful cross-stitched picture for our living room.


My photo does not do this justice.  Tammy painstakingly cross-stitched our last name in a patchwork pattern and then she had it framed.  Here is a close up to try to show the details.


Tammy has been working on the cutest gifts which I saw the last time we visited our son and daughter-in-law.  Cliff and Tammy had been to their home for a visit and Tammy brought made the prettiest dishcloth and potholder set for them.  It is sunshine yellow and the pattern is so pretty. 

Cliff and Tammy, and the 3 youngsters, came for a visit this week and they came bearing gifts.  I was blessed when she brought me a kitchen set also.  Mine are in the perfect colors for my house; blue, green and rose or burgundy.  They are gorgeous.


Then to top it off she sent me the link to the patterns for both of them.  The dishcloth is knitted diagonally. and Tammy says it is very easy and fun.  Here is the link.


The potholder is crocheted and is called a Picture Frame Potholder.  Here is the link for that pattern.


Oh, I almost forgot, they also brought us some yummy homemade jelly.  We will definitely enjoy all three jars!

Thanks, Tammy, for the gifts and for sharing the patterns!  I plan on making quite a few of these.


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